OEHMETIC manufactures containers which are water-tight and safe for foodstuffs as well as drinking water. The high-grade containers we manufacture can hold liquids and gases, besides providing dependable insulation at hot and cold temperatures, as well as the possibility of cooling or heating. Pressure compensation within container systems is also possible.

We manufacture all containers according to our customers' individual requirements. All weldable materials can be processed here in accordance with the applications for which the containers are needed.

Containers from OEHMETIC are:

  • Resistant to acids and alkalis
  • Resistant to temperatur
  • Resistant to high pressure

Containers and assembly groups from OEHMETIC are fully equipped with all required components such as pipe systems and flange mountings, and allow customized integration for our customers. Because reliability and quality are particularly important to us at OEHMETIC, containers can be made to undergo various tests and be certified in accordance with related requirements. Of course, we meet all relevant hygiene standards here.